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Yamunanagar: Kidnapper escapes after one-hit police officers

Police officers take the kidnapper to the trauma center after he was injured while being captured by the police.

Police officers take the kidnapper to the trauma center after he was injured while being captured by the police.

Yamunanagar: Police launched a trap operation on Friday in the face of increasing robberies in the city. The police also arrested two kidnappers, but one kidnapper managed to escape by attacking the policeman with a punch. Police launched a campaign to catch the fugitive suspect, but nothing was found on him. The police took action by opening a case against the captured kidnapper and his accomplice, who fled the scene on various assumptions, including attempted murder.

For several days, there were repeated robberies in Model Town. For this reason, the police carried out a trap action on Friday. At the same time, in the short line at Model Town, a young man with an unnumbered Placer bike stopped and began to wait for his other companion. That’s why Sunil and Rohtash from CIA Two Team reached him on their bike and grabbed him. During this time, the perpetrator made great efforts to get rid of the police officers, but the officers held him down and took his mobile phone. After that, the police called the perpetrator and asked his other partner to come here. After the call came another scumbag.

Now the police officers questioned the two caught perpetrators about the kidnapping incident, when a perpetrator attacked the police officer several times with a punch and fled. The entire incident was recorded by CCTV. Both defendants were identified as Satendra Singh aka Satya, resident of Madhopur village, Saharanpur, UP and Dr. Ravi Aryan, resident of Saharanpur Chungi Prison identified. In doing so, Ravi escaped by dodging the police. The city police have registered a case of attempted murder against both defendants. Police investigations revealed that the accused was arrested on April 24 in Sector 17 near Shani Mandir, on May 11 near St Thomas School, on May 15 near GNG College and on May 21 in Sector 18 and two other locations.

What is DSP?

DSP Jagadhari Abhilaksh Joshi said the defendants attacked the police who were trying to catch the perpetrators who abducted the women. The courageous police officers managed to arrest one of the accused who committed the attack. A similar campaign is to be launched in the future to catch the accused.

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