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Murder in Yamunanagar: One person was killed and five injured in attacks with knives and edged weapons

Manovar file photo, police are taking statements from family members.

Manovar file photo, police are taking statements from family members.

In Ismailpur village in Sadhaura district of Yamunanagar district on Thursday morning, a dozen people entered the house and attacked with knives and other sharp weapons, killing one person out of old enmity. Half a dozen members of the deceased’s family were injured in the attack. The injured were hospitalized. As soon as the information came in, DSP Jitendra Kumar from Bilaspur arrived with the police at the scene and took stock of the situation. While naming half a dozen people, police filed a case against others on various charges, including murder, and began ill-treating the accused. Due to the tense atmosphere in the village after the case, the police were deployed.

According to the information, the family of Manovar, 44, a resident of Ismailpur village, had an old enmity with the Intyaz family over a dispute. A mutual agreement between the two sides was also reached by the dignitaries. But last Wednesday, a villager threw a party to celebrate his retirement. Manowar’s brother Saddam and people from other quarters were also involved in this. The people on the opposite side started a fight with Manowar’s brother Saddam. When the matter escalated, the police were on the scene as soon as they received the information and reassured both parties by convincing them. But on Thursday morning, more than a dozen people from Intyaz Paksh, carrying knives, sticks and other sharp weapons, entered Manovar’s home and attacked. In this sudden attack, Manowar, his brother Khaliq, Taswar, Saddam, mother Begum and father Anwar were badly injured. The injured were taken to the hospital. Where the doctors pronounced Manovar dead and sent him to another hospital.

As soon as the information came in, DSP Jitendra Kumar from Bilaspur, together with the police, arrived at the place and brought the situation under control. The police took Manovar’s body into custody and handed it over to the relatives after the autopsy. After naming half a dozen people from the accused Intyaz side, she opened a case against a dozen others on various charges, including murder. There, In view of the tense situation in the village, the police were deployed as a precaution.

The search for the accused is ongoing

DSP Jitendra Kumar said the defendants in the case were being actively searched. He will be arrested soon.

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