Narnaul: Damage to cotton crop from heavy rain and hailstorm, power cut overnight


Narnaul: Damage to cotton crop from heavy rain and hailstorm, power cut overnight

Cotton crop damaged by hailstorm.

Cotton crop damaged by hailstorm.

Narnaul: Heavy rain and hailstorm accompanied by late night winds caused major damage to cotton crops in the district. At the same time, hundreds of trees were downed by the strong storm. Power was cut off throughout the night as the power pole fell due to strong winds. In addition, falling trees caused traffic jams on the road, which caused great problems for drivers. According to the Meteorological Office, there will be another western disturbance on May 28, which is why there may be rain until May 31. In such a situation, people do not have to face the scorching heat during Nautapa this year.

Citizens will be spared the heat until June 2 due to western unrest. During this period, the maximum temperature is expected to be around 32 degrees Celsius, while the temperature before the Western Trouble had reached 45 degrees Celsius, causing people to face great troubles due to the scorching heat and heat wave. meteorologist dr Chandramohan said on Friday the maximum temperature was recorded between 31.0C and 35.0C in most places in Haryana and NCR Delhi, which was 5.0C to 10.0C below normal.

Today the minimum temperature has fallen in most places in Haryana NCR Delhi. The minimum temperature ranged from 18.0°C to 22.0°C in most places over Haryana NCR Delhi, which was 3.0°C to 6.0°C below normal. On the other hand, cloud movement in the district has continued since morning, however, the weather has remained dry. Today the minimum temperature of Narnaul and Mahendragarh in the district was recorded at 18.0 degrees Celsius and 20.2 degrees Celsius respectively while the maximum temperature of Narnaul and Mahendragarh in the district was recorded at 33.0 degrees Celsius and 33.7 degrees Celsius respectively.

Severe crop damage from hailstorm

Cotton and chari crops in Sehlang, Pota, Nautana, Basai, etc. villages were damaged by the sudden violent hailstorm around 6:30 pm Thursday. This harmed the farmers. A sudden hailstorm destroyed the early and late cotton crops of farmers in Sehlang, Nautana, Pota and Basai villages. The farmers had planted the cotton crop with a lot of money and hard work, but all the farmers’ hopes were dashed by the hailstorm.

Due to the strong wind, trees fell on the road and traffic was blocked

35 mm of rain fell in the Kanina area with strong storm and hailstorm. Cotton and softwood crops were damaged by rain and hailstorms in rural areas including the town of Kanina. On the other hand, due to the good rainfall, the farmers have already started preparations for sowing millet in the first month. Because of this, farmers have started going to fertilizer and seed stores to buy millet seeds. On the other hand, other villages, including Kanina, Gudha and Kotiya, lost power overnight due to ruptured power poles during the strong storm. The Kanina-Mahendragarh road was blocked after a tree fell on the road near Jhagadoli. The Kanina-Narnaul-Ateli road was blocked due to falling trees near the village of Chelavas. Drivers stuck in traffic were informed by dialing 112. The police reached the spot and, with the help of the motorists, cleared the fallen trees aside, only then could traffic be restored to some extent.

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