The Congress will hold a protest rally in Sirsa on December 17


The Congress will hold a protest rally in Sirsa on December 17

Deependra Hooda talks to journalists at Congress Bhawan.

Deependra Hooda talks to journalists at Congress Bhawan. news. Sirsa.Rajya Sabha MP Deependra Hooda, while talking to journalists at Congress Bhawan on Sunday, said that the Congress will hold a protest rally against farmers’ labor in Sirsa on December 17. He said the government was working to stifle democracy in the country. In the farmers’ movement, 750 farmers and workers sacrificed their lives to save their agriculture and livelihood. The power of the peasants and workers worked to subdue this government by following the path of non-violence, discipline and peace. By protesting against farmers’ labor, we will raise the voice of the farmers and force the government to implement the agreement reached with the farmers. We will not allow the sacrifices made in the peasant movement to be forgotten and their martyrdom will not be in vain.

He said that even after two years, the government has not taken any step in this direction and farmers feel cheated. Many conspiracies were hatched to defame the farmers’ movement, which lasted for more than a year, and attempts were made to tarnish the image of the agitating farmers, but even though this movement burned in the fire of hatred, it remained as pure as gold. The government’s intentions are unclear and the anger of farmers and workers across the country is enormous. He recalled that two years ago on this day, the Prime Minister had announced that he would meet farmers’ demands by withdrawing three farm laws. After that, the farmers and workers of the country were cheated in the name of the committee formed. Even the promise of providing jobs to the families of 750 farmers who sacrificed their lives in the movement was not implemented in Haryana. Farmers, workers and commission agents are neglected by the government. The government is attacking the entire agricultural economy of the state. All farmers’ organizations boycotted the committee formed after the agreement as most of the members of the committee formed by the government were the same people who were in favor of the three repealed laws and against the farmers’ movement. He said what is the point of forming a farmers’ committee where there are no farmers. Speaking on the occasion, senior Congressman Dr. KV Singh, MLA Sheeshpal Keharwala, former MP Sushil Indora, former minister Parambir Singh, former MLA Bharat Singh Beniwal, former CPS Prahlad Singh Gillakheda, former MLA Jarnail Singh, Bajrang Das Garg, Dr. Virendra Siwach, Subhash Jodhpuria, Amirchand Chawla, Ramkumar Sharma etc were present.

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