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Cybercrime: Huge action by Haryana police, 20,545 cellphone numbers of cybercriminals blocked

Haryana Police Department

Haryana Police Department

In a powerful attack on the cyber fraud system, Haryana Police have blocked 20,545 mobile phone numbers assigned based on forged and forged documents. In addition, 40 specially marked villages in the Mewat area, which has been declared a Jamtara of Haryana, and more than 34,000 cell phone numbers involved in cyber fraud across the state have been identified and reported. Another 14,000 mobile phone numbers involved in cyber fraud are also about to be blocked by the Indian Government’s Department of Telecommunications.

When it comes to blocking cellphone numbers, the state comes first

The State Crime Branch, the cyber nodal body, currently monitors all cell phone numbers involved in cybercrime and takes daily reports from the counties on the above items. This is why Haryana currently ranks first in blocking cell phone numbers used for cyber fraud. A police spokesman said that more attention is now being paid to the areas and villages from which cyber fraud incidents are perpetrated. The 32 cybercrime hotspots identified by the central government in nine states recently included the villages of Mewat, Bhiwani, Nuh, Palwal, Manota, Hasanpur and Hathan.

102 teams raided 14 villages in Mewat

It is well known that the state government has not shrunk from cracking down on cybercriminals lately. Just days ago, 102 teams of 5,000 Haryana Police officers raided 14 villages in Mewat, which have become cyber hubs. Mewat actually had the advantage of being on the state border. Apart from that, cybercriminals there also have the opportunity to flee to neighboring countries such as Rajasthan and Delhi after committing the crime. Apart from that, the information provided stated that according to the report, currently the maximum number of cell phone numbers involved in cyber crimes are issued from Andhra Pradesh and are operated in the state for committing cyber crimes. Currently, out of the total number of identified cell phone numbers bought via Fake ID, 12822 cell phone numbers were assigned from Andhra Pradesh, 4365 from West Bengal, 4338 from Delhi, 2322 from Assam, 2261 from Northeast States and 2490 from Haryana state. All the numbers are currently operational in different areas of Haryana and have been sent to the Ministry of Telecommunications for blocking.

The Cyber ​​Coordination Center has been set up, the IPS rank officer will be the node officer

State Criminal Investigation Chief and Associate Director-General of Police OP Singh, IPS said there are currently 40 police officers working around the clock in the state’s cyber helpline team. Cyber ​​fraud complaints received in the state are immediately updated on the portal to ban suspicious cell phone numbers. By stopping these SIM cards acquired with fake and illegal documents, cyber criminals’ plans are foiled. The Haryana State Cyber ​​​​​​Coordination Center was set up under the instructions of the Ministry of Interior of the Government of India in the state’s State Crime Department to prevent cyber fraud. IPS officer Hamid Akhtar, currently serving as the DIG in the state crime department, has been appointed the nexus of this coordination center. The Haryana State Cyber ​​​​​​Coordination Center (H4C) was established to create a database of cyber criminals in the state, check their bank accounts and cell phone numbers, and train police personnel on cybercrime. In addition, this center was also given responsibility for the implementation of the Cyber-Helpline 1930 operating in the country. At the same time, awareness-raising programs on how to deal with cybercrime are also being carried out on social media.

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