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MP Sadhvi Pragya: MP Pragya Singh spoke again, created a ruckus

MP Sadhvi Pragya:Sadhvi Pragya Singh, MP from Bhopal Lok Sabha, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, recently made such a controversial statement that the politics of the state came to a boil. MP Pragya Thakur has said that Sanatanis should increase the number of their children. Regarding the Madrasas, he said that immediate action should be taken against the illegal Madrasas running in the state. A list of illegal madrassas should be prepared and work should be done to eliminate them completely.

The same Pragya Singh Thakur posted an open letter at various places in Indore advising women to stay away from RSS people, MP Thakur responded by saying that Pakistan has been formed on the basis of agreement, now another Pakistan will not be formed. Everyone living in India is a Hindu.

Responding to the issue of Hindu Rashtra, he said that the opposition is against development. On boycotting the inauguration of the Parliament by the opposition, he said that the roots of the opposition have been shaken, the people of the opposition do not understand the welfare of the country. The fact that the Parliament House was built so quickly is a record in itself.

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