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MP Election 2023: The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh who had to resign from the post due to sleep

MP Election 2023: The year 2023 is the election year for Madhya Pradesh. Assembly elections are due at the end of the year. BJP-Congress have started preparations for the assembly elections. As the elections are coming closer in the state, there is a stampede among the leaders. In the past, Deepak Joshi, son of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kailash Joshi, had joined the Congress along with thousands of his supporters.

Deepak Joshi said that BJP was able to give land to build a memorial for his late father. That’s why he has joined the Congress. Kailash Joshi’s son Deepak Joshi joined Congress, but do you know who Kailash Joshi was, and he had to resign from the post of Chief Minister due to his sleeplessness. Let us tell you.

Kailash Joshi was also the first non-Congress Chief Minister of the state. An anecdote related to him is very popular in the politics of Madhya Pradesh. Kailash Joshi used to sleep so much that the leaders of the Janata Party used to be very upset due to his illness. Because of this habit of his, the opposition used to get the issue.

used to sleeping

Joshi even had to resign due to this habit. He was so used to sleeping that he could not see anything in front of it. When he became the Chief Minister, the Janata Party had won with a huge majority in Madhya Pradesh. Kailash Joshi was elected as the leader of the Legislature Party after the victory. But he had such a disease that he used to sleep for 18-18 hours a day. It used to be weeks since he went to the Secretariat. If an officer used to go to his house with the necessary file. So he used to fall asleep while signing the file.

The party felt that witchcraft had been done on the chief minister.

Where the Congress used to make an issue about this thing. On the other hand, the Janata Party felt that the opposition had got some witchcraft done on their Chief Minister. For this reason they remain sleepless day and night. People used to talk different things about his sleep. Troubled by this, a big leader of the central leadership came to Bhopal to meet him. Joshi also agreed to attend the meeting on this day. He had also left the CM residence. But the place where both were to meet. Even before that he started feeling sleepy. He asked the driver to turn around and he came back to CM House. At the same time, the leaders who came to meet him kept waiting.

PM was still sleeping when he came to meet

When Kailash Joshi was the Chief Minister, there was a Janata Party government at the center as well and Morarji Desai used to be the Prime Minister. He had scheduled a three-day visit to Madhya Pradesh. When he reached Bhopal airport, as per protocol, CM Kailash Joshi had to go to the airport to receive the PM. But Janata Party leader Virendra Kumar Saklecha reached in his place. The PM also reached the CM’s residence directly from the airport before starting the tour. Officials told the CM that the Prime Minister has come to the residence. Joshi was still sleeping. He told the officers that I will come and he turned to sleep on the other side.

Couldn’t pay attention to work due to illness

It is said that after this incident, Kailash Joshi had to resign from the post of CM. Because he was not able to pay much attention to work due to his sleeping disorder. Although he was a strong leader of the Janata Party. He was also called the saint of Madhya Pradesh politics. He passed away on 24 November 2019.

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