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Digvijay Singh’s brother Laxman Singh’s tweet caused an earthquake, Minister Narottam Mishra spoke

As the elections are coming near in Madhya Pradesh, the politics of the state has started boiling. Sharp attitude of BJP-Congress leaders is being seen. Recently, a tweet by Digvijay Singh’s brother Laxman Singh has created upheaval in the politics of the state.

Digvijay Singh’s brother Laxman Singh has written in a tweet that Hindus are repeatedly called violent. Had it been so, India would not have been a slave for 450 years. Ants and bees also bite for protection, so are they violent?

Minister Mishra instructed Digvijay Singh

State Home Minister Narottam Mishra has supported Laxman Singh regarding Laxman Singh’s tweet. Not only this, Minister Mishra has also instructed Digvijay Singh to learn from his brother. Minister Mishra has said that Laxman Singh should explain to his elder brother Digvijay Singh. Sometimes he talks about Sanatan and sometimes about Hindu-Hinduism. He further said that Digvijay Singh ji should go to his brother Laxman Singh, so that he can bless his younger brother and take guidance from him. Digvijay Singh ji should learn, he sometimes calls saffron terrorism. They turn Hindus towards terrorism. But he does not speak on HUT and JMB.

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