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Haryana: Nautpa will begin in 9 days based on the weather events and the possibility of thunderstorms and rain

An old man quenches his thirst in the scorching heat.

An old man quenches his thirst in the scorching heat.

Haryana: The first 9 days when the sun enters Rohini Nakshatra are called Nautapa. The sun god dwells in this nakshatra for fifteen days. During the first nine days, the earth warms up rapidly due to the increasing heat from the sun. Nautpa usually takes place between May and June. This time it starts on May 22nd. According to the Meteorological Bureau, starting May 23, there is a possibility of light or heavy rain in many areas, making Nautpa less likely to experience global warming this time. .

According to astrologers, the moon god is the lord of Rohini Nakshatra. The moon is the main factor of coolness. After the Sun enters Rohini Nakshatra, it takes the coolness of that constellation into its lap for a short period of time, completely interfering with the coolness of the earth. Due to the influence of the earth’s cooling, the earth begins to heat up rapidly. The heat is at its highest during these nine days. During Nautpa there is a chance of good rains after the earth warms up. It is believed that if it rains during Nautapa, there is insufficient rain during the monsoon. Famine-like conditions occur in Nautpa during the rainy season.

Nautpa will start from Monday

This time the sun god will enter Rohini Nakshatra on May 22 at 8:16 am. Nautpa will start on that day. After transiting Rohini Nakshatra, Sun will enter the second Nakshatra on June 2nd at 6:40 am. Nautpa will end at this point. Astrologers say that Nautapa is a law of nature. Balancing nature is very important. Nautapa begins on the same day that Adra Nakshatra begins on the Shukla Paksha of the month of Jeeth.

The heat made me sweat profusely

After the weather had cleared up, temperatures rose again on Saturday to 41.5 degrees Celsius. A slight drop of 0.6 degrees Celsius was recorded for the minimum temperature. Due to the clear weather throughout the day, the heat worked to get rid of people’s sweat. The stifling heat is even more difficult for people because the humidity is up to 40 percent. The outbreak of the heatwave has abated somewhat, but it remains difficult to leave homes in the afternoons due to the increasing warmth of the sun.

Rain is expected from Tuesday

The Meteorological Department already expressed the possibility of rain or drizzle the next day from Nautpa. Once it starts raining, the weather is expected to stay like this for three to four days. Another rise in temperature may be seen on Sunday. The temperature can reach up to 43°C. After two days, if it rains, the temperature can drop below 40 degrees again. In such a situation, there is less chance of warming the earth during Nautapa.

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