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Ambala: Three and a half year old died innocently due to driver’s negligence

Ambala: A three and a half year old child died after being hit by a vehicle. The accident happened on Thursday evening near the tank bridge in the army area. The child had been riding a bicycle with his mother. The police started the investigation by opening a case against the careless driver.

Kavita, a resident of Baigran village (Madhubani district) in Bihar, said she and her family have been renting at number 36 Kothi near the swimming pool in Ambala Cantt army area for five years. Last day at 6:30 p.m., his 3.15-year-old son Varun came out onto the street on a bicycle. Varun rode his bike by the side of the road and followed her. As soon as they got near Tanki Wale Chowk, a speeding vehicle came from the side of Khadga Stadium and crashed straight into his son’s bike without honking. As soon as the collision ensued, blood began to flow from the innocent man’s nose. Immediately in the same car, the mother took her child to the artillery doctor. From here, the doctor referred the child to Ambala Cantt Civil Hospital. When she reached the civilian hospital, doctors pronounced her dead. The police started the investigation by starting a case against the suspect based on the vehicle number.

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