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Tank built in 32 lakhs, not 32 pennies: Tank built… Pipe line laid… Taps also installed in houses, but of no use

Yashwant Ganjeer-Kurud. To provide clean water to every household, the central government has built water tanks in the villages by spending lakhs of crores under the Nal-Jal Yojana. So that people can get clean water, but due to departmental negligence and arbitrariness of the contractor, the water tank of village Joratrai (Silauti) has become a show-piece.

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Tank built in 32 lakhs, not 32 pennies: tank built... Pipe line laid... Taps also installed in houses, but of no use - news2news. In

Gram Panchayat Joratrai

Under the clean water supply scheme under Kurud sub-division, the water tank built at a cost of about Rs 32 lakh in village Joratrai (Silauti) is ready for the last two years. The work of pipeline expansion has been completed. Tap connections have also been given. But till now the tank has not been started. Because of this, the villagers are still dependent on other options for water.

Lack of bore connection where the tank is located

The villagers said that a water tank of 5000 cubic liters capacity has been constructed in Joratarai. Which is seen after testing, then it takes a whole day to fill the water in the tank and it does not take even 20 minutes to empty it. Where there is a tank, there is also a need for bore mining, which can be directly connected to the tank. But till now the bore has not been provided here. Not only this, the tank has not yet been surrounded by the boundary wall.

PHE’s responsible are not paying attention

Sarpanch Savita Chowaram Ganjeer says that it has been two years since the water tank was built. But due to not fitting the valves and revolves properly in the pipeline extension, the water does not stay in the tank for long. Officers and employees have been told many times to rectify this. But till now no improvement has been made.

Ver PS Gajendra, SDO PHE

On talking to Kurud’s PHE officer PS Gajendra, he said that he had no information about the non-filling of water in the water tank of Joratarai. No one had informed me about this till now. I have got information from you. He further said that, I will send Engineer Packra to get it fixed.

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