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Before planning a wedding, definitely check these wedding trends, memorable moments will be made

Wedding trending tips.

Wedding trending tips.

Wedding Trends 2023: Wedding is a very big and very important day in the life of any person. In such a situation, everyone wants to make this big day very special. The bride and groom and their families have a lot of expectations for their wedding. In such a situation, everyone wants that their marriage should be very memorable according to the trend. If you too are planning for marriage in the coming days of 2023, then today’s article can be very useful for you. Here we can help you a lot with insta hashtags for wedding planning, wedding bells, fashion, decor, henna, styling and trouso packing. Whether you are planning a Big Fat Indian Wedding or a private wedding, apart from destination weddings to green weddings, we will make your wedding special in any season. Let us see the best wedding trends of 2023 without wasting any time.

reduction in guest list

Since the Corona period, the trend of keeping the guest list less in weddings has started. Now people invite only their special guests to the wedding. Explain that by reducing the guest list, you can also reduce the expenses incurred in the wedding. The compulsion to reduce the guest list during the Corona period has taught people to keep weddings private by taking them out of show off. In such a situation, calling only the necessary people in marriage has now become a part of people’s choice. The presence of very close friends and relatives is enough to make this big day of life memorable.

Seven rounds should be taken at dusk

Slowly people are moving back towards their culture and roots. This is the reason why nowadays people try to take seven rounds at dusk. Now you must be wondering what is twilight. Actually, this is the time of the day, when the sun is setting and the animals like cows from the forest come back to their shelter after grazing. At this time when the dust flying from the feet of animals is covering the redness of the sun, it is called twilight. According to the scriptures, twilight is considered the most auspicious for marriage functions. In such a situation, people are following the trend of taking rounds in these golden hours.

environment friendly green wedding

Many such things are used in marriage, from firecrackers to decorations, which are not good for the environment. In such a situation, due to being educated, now people are giving priority to environment friendly wedding. This is the reason that now people want to reduce the carbon foot print in weddings and contribute to the betterment of nature. For example – reducing food wastage, not using plastic and one time use items. Using flowers and other reusable things for decoration. Along with this, things like glass utensils, kulhads, wooden spoons and earthen glasses are trending at the moment.

Make your big day more special with family

Indian weddings are no fun at all without entertainment. In such a situation, many games like escape room, photo booth and know your couple are also kept for the welcome of the couple guest. Some couples even try events like Apni Shaadi Ne Karaoke Night and Family Album, in which the couple’s life and the entire journey of meeting each other is told. These days all these things are trending a lot. If you also want to make your wedding unique and special, then you can follow these wedding trends.

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