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Kaithal: Two groups of pre-trial detainees clashed over tea in the county jail, four were injured

Kaithal District Jail

Kaithal District Jail

News2News.in News. Kaital. A fight broke out between two groups of undertrials over tea drinking in the county jail, injuring 4 people held in the jail. The police registered a case against 10 people following a complaint from the DSP prison.

In the complaint, which Deputy Prison Superintendent Ajit Singh filed with police Saturday morning, he shared with two groups of pre-trial detainees being housed at the prison, one pre-trial detainee group Rahul, a resident of Cheeka, Development, Sega Plot, Chauntia Police Station Lehra, district of Sangrur (Punjab) in relation to the morning tea, Sunny of Cheeka, Sahil, residents of Bhagal, Rajesh, residents of Kakhedi, Abhishek, residents of Guhla, Harpreet of Theh Bhanehada, Chinna, residents of Balbehra, Tanki Mohalla, Harsh Bhagal, resident of Fatehpur, Ankit, resident of Lehra Chautian Police Station in Sagrur district (Punjab) detained for tea There was a dispute with Guladi, a resident of Jagendra, Narada, a remand Ashok, and Kailram, a resident of Sunil. Jagendra, Ashok, Vikas, and Mandu were injured in the argument. Police have registered a case against 10 undertrials being held in prison.

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