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Ambala: 42 lakhs defrauded by a female lawyer on behalf of PR in Australia



Ambala: Grabbed 42 lakh rupees by showing a lawyer in Australia the dream of doing a PR. In order to realize his dream, the lawyer even pawned his jewelry at the bank and borrowed several thousand rupees from many other banks. The accused assured until the last moment. When the lawyer realized the fraud done to him, the defendant threatened to kill him. Mahesh Nagar Police Station has opened a case against the three accused brothers and sisters.

Punjabi Bagh’s lawyer Kiran Garg said he met Darpan Kalda two years ago through his nephew Param. Darpan Kalda’s sister Mona lives in Australia. Darpan works with his sisters Vanshu and Mona to send people abroad. Darpan Kalda also spoke to his sister Mona on the phone several times. Mona told him she would get him a PR in Australia. The three accused demanded 50 lakh rupees from him. The last time he spoke to Darpan Kalda on the phone was on March 25th. The defendants said they would settle the PR in Australia if they made arrangements for 50 lakh rupees. According to the defendant, 10 lakh rupees were pre-deposited on March 27th. After that Darpan Kalda said that I will transfer the money further if I call.

The defendant said there were many steps to go through to clean up the PR file. Defendant Darpan Kalda continued to transfer as much money as she requested. The lawyer said she was so caught up in the accused’s trap that she pawned her jewelry at the bank and transferred the entire amount to Darpan Kalda’s account. Apart from that, a loan of 5 lakh rupees each from Bank of Baroda and many other banks was transferred to defendant Darpan Kalda’s account. Last month in April, Darpan Kalda came to his home and asked for his passport, Aadhaar card and other documents. The defendant said your file reached the Australian Embassy. On April 10, the accused Darpan received an immediate transfer of 3.08 lakh rupees in the name of the ticket. He said the documents will be reviewed on April 20.

After that, 20,444 rupees will be remitted as a result of the verification. On April 27, the defendant called Darpan to say that the file had been released by the Australian Embassy and the plane ticket to Australia had been booked for May 15. The accused stole 42 lakh rupees, caught in his words. Supposedly I should take the remaining 8 lakh rupees in Delhi when boarding the flight. When he asked Darpan for the ticket on May 12, the defendant said he would give anything himself at Delhi Airport. She continued to contact Darpan’s sister, but the three accused continued to lure her with false dreams. The accused has neither sent nor returned 42,000 rupees to Australia. The defendant threatened to kill him because he asked for money. The police have started a case against the accused and started investigations.

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