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Ambala: Videography of those exchanging 2000 bills at the bank, notes on liquor contracts

Notice inserted outside of the contract.

Notice inserted outside of the contract.

Ambala: Videographs are being taken of the people coming to the banks to exchange 2000 banknotes. When customers, who came to deposit 2000 bills at many banks, were asked to fill out the form and attach an Aadhaar card, most returned without depositing the money. The senior bank manager made it clear that the bank would not ask for the form to be filled out, but video would be taken at the counter of the person coming to change the banknote so that the record of the banknote exchange would be preserved.

The exchange of banknotes has started in the banks. On the first day, customers came to exchange banknotes. When Ashok Kumar reached the PNB branch in the city’s Model Town to exchange ten bills, staff there asked him to fill out the form, which included his name, address and mobile phone number. Along with the form, a request was made to attach a photocopy of the Aadhaar card. When he asked bank staff about the form, he was told there were instructions from headquarters to fill out the form, but the customer refused to do so.

Somehow customers are trying to change the 2000 bill so they don’t have to queue at the banks. People give 2000 bills to buy 200 rupees of gas. However, due to the problem of loose money, they also refuse to accept large bills. Adarsh ​​​​​​Gupta, director of the Adarsh ​​​​​​service station, says that most two-wheelers have high marks with them. So far, if 5,000 or 10,000 banknotes were withdrawn from the ATM, in addition to 500, 200 and 2,000 banknotes, 2,000 banknotes also came out in any case, but from Tuesday even 2,000 banknotes were no longer issued at the ATM. Currently, only 500 notes are dispensed from PNB, IDBI, and SBI ATMs.

Notices inserted outside of contracts

In addition to many shopkeepers, notices were now pasted on liquor contracts that they should not accept 2,000,000 bills. Because of this, people are now worried about the two thousand rupee notes. Grocer Ramesh Kumar says mixed bills used to be used to pay. In the last two days, people gave away more 2,000 rupees notes. In such a situation, if he takes large bills, it will be difficult to deposit them in the bank. Karinde, who signed a liquor deal, said the owners had ordered no two-thousand bills to be taken. For this reason, references have been added outside the contracts. On the other hand, SP Jashnadeep Singh Randhawa said the Rs 2,000 note was legal tender. Therefore, no shop owner, gas station owner or liquor store owner can refuse to accept this bill. If anyone does so, action will be taken based on RBI policy.

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