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PM of India and Bangladesh will inaugurate the first energy pipeline today, know the benefits of this Rs 377 crore project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PM Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PM Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh.

India-Bangladesh: Today another chapter will be added between the two countries to promote friendly relations between India and Bangladesh. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina are going to inaugurate the first cross-border pipeline between the two countries. The inaugural program will start at 5 pm. Both countries have already made it clear that this project will prove to be very important.

According to media reports, for the first time the work of Friendship Pipeline between India and Bangladesh started in 2018. The total length of this pipeline is 131.5 km. It will be used for the supply of diesel between India-Bangladesh. A total cost of Rs 377 crore has been incurred on the construction of this pipeline. The cost of the built in Bangladesh portion of the pipeline is around Rs 285 crore. This is borne by the Government of India under grant-in-aid.

The Indo-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline is estimated to send about one million tonnes of high-speed diesel in a year. Through this pipeline, work was done to send high-speed diesel to seven districts of northern Bangladesh. PM Modi will inaugurate this project at 5 pm today. Also, Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Hasina will also be present. This step taken by PM Narendra Modi and PM Sheikh Hasina will further deepen a good relationship between the two countries. Along with this, there will be energy security cooperation between the two countries. Talking about trade between India and Bangladesh, it is the largest trading partner in South Asia. About $ 16 billion is exported between these two countries.

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