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Hearing in SC today regarding the inauguration of New Parliament, this demand was made in the petition

The petition filed in the Supreme Court regarding the new Parliament House will be heard today.The petition filed in the Supreme Court regarding the new Parliament House will be heard today.

Politics is at its peak regarding the inauguration of the new Parliament building. Last Friday, a public interest litigation in this matter was filed in the Supreme Court. After this, the court will hear on this today. In the Supreme Court, a bench of Justice JK Maheshwari and Justice PS Narasimha will hear the case. The petition, filed by petitioner advocate CR Jaya Sukin, states that by not including the President in the inauguration, the central government has violated the Constitution of India. Parliament is the supreme legislative body of India. The Parliament is made up of the President and both the Houses.

In this petition, it was said that being the constitutional head of the country, it is the President who appoints the Prime Minister. Decisions on all major works are also taken in his name. It is the President who calls the session of the Parliament and the budget session also begins with his address, in which he addresses both the Houses. It has also been argued in the petition that the Central Government did not invite the President to the inauguration ceremony, which is extremely wrong.

The petition by advocate CR Jaya Sukin also said that the President is an integral part of the Parliament. The PM was also kept away from the foundation stone laying ceremony of Parliament. Now even the President is not invited to the inauguration ceremony. This decision taken by the government is absolutely a wrong step.

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Mayawati supported the ruling party

On the inauguration of the new parliament building, BSP supremo Mayawati said that the ruling party has got the parliament constructed, so they should also have the right to inaugurate it. BSP chief Mayawati told the Twitter handle that earlier the Congress party was at the center or now the BJP Bahujan Samaj Party has completely supported them by rising above politics for the issues of public interest. Also, he said that the BSP welcomes the inauguration of the Parliament House.

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