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Former CM Farooq Abdullah told PM Modi everyone’s father, gave example of Vajpayee government

Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah and PM Narendra Modi.

Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah and PM Narendra Modi.

Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah has given a big statement regarding PM Narendra Modi. Farooq has given his response to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from the controversy over the inauguration of the new parliament. Apart from this, he said about the elections to be held in Jammu and Kashmir that we are ready for this. When Farooq was asked about the G20, he said that no matter what happens, but it has one advantage that all the potholes on the roads have been filled.

PM is everyone’s father – Farooq Abdullah

According to media reports, former CM Farooq said that I want to talk to PM Modi on some issues. The Prime Minister is not of any party, but of the whole country. He said that when someone sits on the post of Prime Minister or Chief Minister, he is everyone’s father. PM or CM sees everyone as his children and stays with them in their difficulties. While answering the question of elections in Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq said that we are ready for the elections.

I will do whatever the opposition does

On inaugurating the new parliament by PM Narendra Modi, Farooq said that he cannot participate in the ceremony because he is with the opposition. Whatever the opposition does, I will do the same. The Prime Minister himself says that unless there is a strong opposition, governance will not be good, so I am with the opposition. He said that the President should inaugurate this new Parliament as he is the biggest representative of the country.

Example given by Vajpayee government

When Farooq was asked about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, he said that the situation in 2024 would decide who would become the Prime Minister. It would be wrong to say anything about it now. He said that like Vajpayee became the PM with the support of 23 parties, at that time I was also a part of that alliance. Rahul Gandhi is a big leader, but who will become the Prime Minister will be decided at the time of elections.

Said this on the victory of Congress in Karnataka

Regarding the Karnataka elections, Farooq said that its result shows that people have put caste discrimination down and love up. However, the Congress should not have raised the issue of Bajrang Bali. BJP also presented it in a big way. PM Modi said that it is wrong to raise slogans of Bajrangbali when you go to vote. Using religion for election is wrong. Votes should not be taken in the name of Allah and Ram. The policy of religion is gradually weakening India.

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