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Know the truth of common myths related to Menstrual Cup, read important information

Many important information related to menstrual cup.

Many important information related to menstrual cup.

Busting Most Common Myths About Menstrual Cups: In today’s time, people have started understanding periods not as a disease, but as a natural process. Now the information about periods is not limited to women only. This is the reason that now many products have started coming in the market to make periods easy. In earlier times, women used to use cloth, it proved to be very dangerous in terms of health. Gradually, the use of pads increased over time, which are many times safer than cloth. However, many women are facing problems like rashes due to pads. In such a situation, menstrual cups and tampons etc. have started being sold in the market. These products are considered more convenient for women. The newest product in this is the menstrual cup. This is the reason that there are many questions in everyone’s mind about using them, in today’s article we will tell you the answers to those questions.

How safe is the use of menstrual cup

Even after being modern, many girls feel that the use of menstrual cup is not safe for them, but let us tell you that it is the safest. By using this cup, you are not going to have any problem in future, nor do you need to remove it while going to the toilet. The menstrual cup is made from silicone keeping in mind all the medical terms, which is completely safe to use. The material of the menstrual cup does not react with your body tissue. It can be used by girls or women of any age.

Which size and brand of menstrual cup should I choose?

Let us tell you that there are many brands available in the market, which make different sizes of menstrual cups. If experts are to be believed, you will have to try different brands of cups to choose the right size for this cup. After using menstrual cups of different sizes, you can use only the one in which you feel most comfortable.

Can a menstrual cup go up to the abdomen?

According to experts, “The vagina is about 15 to 16 cm deep. In such a situation, even if you push this cup inwards, it will not be able to reach the abdomen. This is the reason why you can go pad-free during your period without any worries. Along with this, you will not have any problem while taking out this cup. While removing the cup, you just have to keep yourself calm and remove it only after relaxing your body.

How long can you keep a menstrual cup

If the claims of the brands are to be taken into account, then according to them you can keep them on for about 12 hours. However, according to experts, if you have started using a menstrual cup, it is necessary to replace it after 6 to 8 hours. Apart from this, it also depends on the flow of your periods. Let us tell you that by applying this cup, you can do everything very comfortably, from sports to home and office work.

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