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Drinking water before brushing is good for health, know the opinion of experts

There are many benefits of drinking stale mouth water in the morning.

There are many benefits of drinking stale mouth water in the morning.

Drink water before brushing: In the summer season, it is very important for a person to drink sufficient amount of water to keep himself hydrated. In such a situation, people start their day by drinking water first thing in the morning. Many people drink warm or normal water after brushing. At the same time, there are many people who drink water first thing in the morning as soon as they get out of bed. Here the question arises that after sleeping for 7-8 hours, without brushing, drinking water as soon as you wake up is good for your health or not.

Drinking water on an empty stomach will benefit your health

In such a situation, if experts are to be believed, it has been told in Ayurveda that morning should be started by drinking a glass of water. Experts believe that drinking water after waking up in the morning before brushing teeth proves beneficial for health. This keeps the body hydrated and the body temperature also remains under control. Explain that by drinking water on an empty stomach, the kidney removes the toxin from the body. Water intake is very important for bodily functions like making saliva and providing nutrients to various parts of the body.

benefits of drinking empty stomach water in the morning

, Bacteria grow in the mouth while sleeping. These bacteria go into the body after drinking water in the morning. This does not harm the body, but increases immunity.

, Drinking water without brushing improves digestion and cures indigestion.

, Patients of high blood pressure should consume water on an empty stomach in the morning. BP remains under control.

, Drinking water on an empty stomach removes bad breath and maintains good oral health.

, Waking up in the morning and drinking water without brushing can strengthen hair and bring natural glow to it.

, It is also good for diabetes patients to consume water daily in the morning without brushing. This can also control the blood sugar level.

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