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Back Pain: These reasons are hidden behind back pain, women should pay special attention

Learn the causes and remedies of back pain.

Learn the causes and remedies of back pain.

Back Pain: Many people around the world are troubled by the problem of back pain or back pain. This problem is quite common so it is seen in most of the people. The problem of back pain or back pain mostly starts in people after the age of 40 years. But experts believe that this problem is seen more in women (Back Pain Problem Male and Female) than in men. Due to changing lifestyle and unbalanced diet, many women are facing the problem of back pain. In women, this problem mostly occurs during periods and pregnancy. Apart from this, many reasons are hidden behind the problem of back pain in women. Most of the women take many types of medicines to avoid the problem of back pain, but still they are not able to get rid of this problem completely.

It is not that young women do not have back pain. Back pain in young women can be due to problems like muscle sprain, blow, herniated or degenerated disc or sciatica. According to experts, there can be many reasons for back pain in women such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea ie painful periods and pregnancy etc.

Causes of Back Pain


During pregnancy, women often have to deal with the problem of back pain. In the problem of back pain in pregnancy, the maximum pain occurs just below the waist and near the tailbone. Back pain increases after the 5th month of pregnancy and due to this women have to face a lot of problems.


Women in their 40s experience a pre-menopausal period due to estrogen deficiency, which negatively affects their bones. At the same time, there are many reasons for back pain due to aging, such as spinal stenosis, spondylitis, and degenerative disc, etc. When a woman reaches the age of 40 years, then she has to face the pre-menopausal stage and the estrogen level of women also falls to a great extent, due to which the bones of women start becoming weak.


Obesity is also an important cause of back pain. Women should take care of their health by adopting the right lifestyle. Women should pay special attention to the fact that they have to keep their spine straight while sitting. Along with this, they also have to exercise daily. If they are taking any kind of vitamin D and calcium supplements, they should consult their doctor about which medicines are suitable for their health and which are not.


Aging is a change that is seen in every human being. Similarly, every woman faces physical changes every 10 years, due to which she makes her body capable of giving birth to a child. When women reach the stage of menopause, they start having back pain.

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Follow these methods to get rid of the problem of back pain

Exercising in back pain plays the most important role among these factors. All kinds of exercises like aerobics, flexibility exercises, balancing exercises help in getting rid of problems like back pain and reduce lower back pain. According to media reports, the risk of back pain is lowest in women who exercise at least 3 to 5 times a week.

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