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This team is coming to Bhopal to know the reality of the city, know what is the whole matter

Bhopal. The work of cleanliness survey has started, under which the cleaning habits of the people of every city are ascertained. Indore city of Madhya Pradesh continues to be at the first place in terms of cleanliness. In order to know the reality of cleanliness in the capital of the state, the Center’s Swachh Survekshan team is going to come to Bhopal in the month of June, which will find out the antics of the people of Bhopal, how aware the residents of Bhopal are about cleanliness. Last year, 7500 marks were fixed under Swachh Survekshan, whereas in the year 2023, it has been increased to 9500 marks. That is, the Municipal Corporation will have to work more on all parameters including polythene ban to waste disposal.

Only after this process is completed, the condition of cleanliness in the cities across the country can be known that the people of which city give more importance to cleanliness and which city people do not give importance to cleanliness. In fact, in the new guideline of Swachh Survekshan, 9500 marks have been fixed by including marks in three categories, service level progress, certification and citizen voice.

There is also a process of awarding marks, in this too tasks have been divided and separate marks have been fixed for each task. The marks fixed in a category will be evaluated out of the same and then the result will be made by adding the marks obtained in all the categories. As per the theme, this time 48 percent i.e. 4525 numbers will be based on service level program alone i.e. segregation, processing and disposal of garbage. Not only this, the officers deputed on duty in Swachh Survekshan will also have to do a self-evaluation. They will have to score from 1 to 10 on 106 points in eight categories. Officers will also have to write their own feedback and suggestions. This includes categories such as field visits and direct observation, collection and transportation of domestic waste in residential areas, etc.

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