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Haryana: HPSC changed ADA’s recruitment program

government of Haryana.

government of Haryana.

Haryana: The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) has made changes to the hiring of Assistant Defense Attorney (ADA) in the District Attorney’s Office. This change was made after the application process was completed in March. New candidates can participate in the application process for this job posting from May 30th until 5:00 p.m.

This change to the Haryana Public Service Commission will give a chance to those youth who did not have Hindi and Sanskrit subjects by the 10th grade. In Haryana, Hindi or Sanskrit subjects are on the curriculum up to grade 10. Youth from other states will benefit more from this change. With the exception of Haryana, Hindi and Sanskrit are not compulsory subjects in tenth grade in most states. In addition to the changes in educational qualifications, the commission also gave new applicants the opportunity to apply. These candidates can only apply from May 30 to June 5 until 5 p.m. You can deposit your fees until June 5, 11:55 p.m. The Commission provided relief to these youth. Young people who have already applied earlier do not have to apply again.

Hiring of postgraduate teachers in Haryana is pending

Hiring of postgraduate teachers has been suspended in Haryana. A public interest complaint has been filed in the Supreme Court regarding the change in the PGT exam pattern, to which the government has submitted a response. HPSC was said to be withdrawing and re-posting the job posting. In Haryana, 45,000 youth have applied for a total of 4,476 PGT positions. Applicants who have already applied do not have to apply again.

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