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Transport Department: Government will give huge exemption in tax to passengers traveling in buses, decision in public interest

Bhopal. The state government is giving huge exemption in tax to the passengers traveling by buses. Passengers traveling in buses will now have to pay less fare due to the exemption given by the government. The government has taken this decision in the interest of the public. Passengers will have to pay a tax of Rs 200 per seat in permitted passenger buses across the country, according to the seating capacity and operating in the state on the permit issued from other states as private service vehicles.

Earlier, passengers had to pay a tax of Rs 700 per seat. The Transport Department has fixed new taxes by making changes in the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1991. In the change made, the revised charges will now be applicable across the state from June 19 onwards.

Vehicle dealers also get relief

The government has also given relief in slab fee to dealers selling vehicles on obtaining trade certificate. According to instructions, tax will be charged on government vehicles according to their status. For this, the transport department has also fixed the standard price of vehicles.

Ex-showroom price, GST and compensation cess will also be included in the standard prices of vehicles manufactured in the country. Invoice of the amount of vehicles issued by the dealer, whichever is higher will be considered as the standard price. Along with this, the land value given by the Customs Transport Department will be included in the standard price of vehicles brought to India from abroad including all taxes.

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