Chhath Puja: CM Khattar attended the Chhath Puja festival in Panipat and announced the construction of three ghats and a sun temple will also be constructed.


Chhath Puja: CM Khattar attended the Chhath Puja festival in Panipat and announced the construction of three ghats and a sun temple will also be constructed.

The chief minister performed Chhath puja with devotees in Panipat.

The chief minister performed Chhath puja with devotees in Panipat.

Panipat.Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal presented an important gift to the people of Purvanchal on the occasion of Chhath festival and announced the construction of three ghats dedicated to Chhath Puja in Panipat district. Rs 5 million will be spent on the construction. The chief minister said that for clean water for Chhath Puja, a 700 ft ghat at Avalana Distributorship at a cost of Rs 2 crore, a 300 ft ghat at a cost of Rs 1 crore near Thermal Channel on Assandh Road and Drain No. 2 would be required near Babarpur Bridge. But another ghat of 300 feet is being constructed at a cost of Rs 2 crore. In addition, Manohar Lal announced the construction of a sun temple between two canals on the land of Mehrana village. For this purpose, work is currently underway to transfer village land. The Prime Minister also announced an ex-gratia grant of Rs 21 lakh for the construction of the Sun Temple after the land was successfully transferred for the purpose.

He appreciated all the brothers and sisters of Purvanchal present in the program for their unwavering contribution towards the development of Haryana. He said your hard work and expertise have been helpful in sustaining the industry and promoting agricultural development in the state. He said despite adverse weather conditions, you are working tirelessly day and night to contribute to important infrastructure projects in the state.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the current state government had legalized around 1,000 colonies last year. An investment of Rs 2,000 crore has been earmarked for infrastructure development in these colonies. Wishing continued prosperity, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude by highlighting the visible commitment of the people, especially the significant presence of women on construction sites. This commitment is exemplified during Chhath Puja, where people stand in the water for hours and worship Lord Surya Narayan. The Prime Minister praised the women who took part in the puja and praised their faith, patience and courage. He said that recognizing the indomitable capabilities of this power of women, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ensured that 33 per cent seats are reserved for women in the Lok Sabha and Assembly.

The BJP government is sympathetic to the residents of Purvanchal: Tiwari

Bhojpuri film actor and singer MP Manoj Tiwari said that the demands of Purvanchal people living in Haryana state were ignored in the previous governments. To date, no government has been worried about you. He said that Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal fulfilled the needs of the local people by approving three ghats and the Sun Temple only on the demand of the local people. In contrast, similar religious projects in Delhi often have to be fought for. In the state of Haryana, these ghats and temples are made available to you only upon request. He said that no government had previously prioritized the welfare of the Purvanchal community and it was the current BJP government where their interests were being actively taken into account and promoted. Earlier, Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal attended the Chhath Puja ceremony where 30 organizations of Purvanchal expressed their gratitude to him on the auspicious occasion.

The Purvanchal society thanked the CM

Karnal Lok Sabha MP Sanjay Bhatia thanked all 30 organizations of Purvanchal for organizing this program and said that people of Purvanchal society have always supported him politically and socially. They never forget that. Reaching his Lok Sabha constituency, he thanked Chief Minister Manohar Lal as well as Delhi MP and famous Bhojpuri actor and singer Manoj Tiwari for participating in the Chhath festival program and encouraging all the people of Purvanchal. MP Sanjay Bhatia said that the entire Purvanchal society is indebted to the Chief Minister for the gift given by the Chief Minister to the people of Purvanchal.

Devotees danced to songs by singers Meenakshi and Harish

As evening approached on Sunday, immense excitement was seen among the people at the NFL Ghat in Panipat. From children to old people, everyone danced with enthusiasm in the colors of Chhath festival. Everyone present here thanked Chief Minister Manohar Lal for organizing such a grand Chhath Puja festival, the idea of ​​which was to organize such a program on Chhath festival for the first time in Panipat. Hundreds of people from Purvanchal community like PN Singh, Madhu Shukla, Anand Jha and Chandan Mishra profusely thanked Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal. He said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal contacted them on the occasion of Chhath festival and expressed how much he was worried about the Purvanchal society. He said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal gave the slogan ‘Haryana One-Haryanvi One’. This program of Chhath festival proved that the people of Purvanchal are also an important part of Haryana and contribute to the progress of this state.

MP Manoj Tiwari sang the Chhath song

MP Manoj Tiwari sang the Chhath song. As soon as he started singing, people were full of enthusiasm and greeted him with applause. After Prime Minister Manohar Lal’s announcements in the program, MP Manoj Tiwari came on the stage and praised him again. He said that people in some states had to fight for Chhath Ghat but look at the big heart of Haryana Chief Minister who gave the gift of building Chhath Ghat with millions of rupees.

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