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Another initiative by CM Manohar Lal: The Haryana Uday Community Police and Public Relations Program was launched

Prime Minister Manohar Lal publishes the calendar of the community police and outreach program “Haryana Uday” in Gurugram.

Prime Minister Manohar Lal publishes the calendar of the community police and outreach program “Haryana Uday” in Gurugram.

Prime Minister Manohar Lal took another innovative initiative and launched Haryana Uday, a Gurugram community policing and outreach program. This program will be implemented statewide beginning June 1, 2023. The goal is to strengthen community ties and foster better relationships between county government, law enforcement and the public. Following the release of the Haryana Uday program calendar from Raahgiris Manch, Sector 79, Gurugram, the Prime Minister said that by actively participating in this outreach program, we can create a safer and more inclusive society that is responsive to the needs of its residents to be responsible.

Manohar Lal said that all of you, as people’s representatives of your district, must work together and establish dialogue with the public in order to create a safe, harmonious society. To achieve these goals, the district assistant commissioners, police commissioners, and police commissioners will initiate community policing and public relations programs.

Chief Minister’s Outreach Program

In the calendar of the Chief Minister’s outreach program under Haryana Uday, a three-day Mahila Bazar at Strong/Fitman Haryana, Gurugram, Yoga programs are organized in June on International Yoga Day on June 21st. In addition, sports competitions for the over 60 age group and a three-day women’s market are organized in Faridabad in July.

District Outreach Program

As part of the Community Policing and Outreach program, beginning June 1, 2023, each district assistant commissioner will start the outreach program in their respective district. These programs include village/area public dialogue, pond cleaning with public participation, music, art and poetry competitions in schools/Mohalla athletic leagues, tree plantation drives, weekly sleepover programs in villages by IAS and HCS district officials. Various programs such as youth parliament/village parliament, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, establishment of government schools for cleanliness and health improvement of students, etc. are included.

Community Policing Program

The Community Policing Program will be initiated by the Police Commissioner/Commissioner of Police in the respective counties starting June 1, 2023. Raahgiri, cyclothon, sports competitions in villages, drug/drug abuse awareness campaign, elderly care and police academy, etc. are organized under the community police program. Mass participation in this comprehensive community policing and outreach program will be ensured. Want. It will become an important vehicle for encouraging engagement, participation and collaboration among large numbers of individuals. The Prime Minister will review the semi-annual reports along with each district’s presentation and the top three Deputy Commissioners/Constables/Police Superintendents will be rewarded.

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