MP Crime: How did the love couple die? Is it murder or suicide?


MP Crime: How did the love couple die?  Is it murder or suicide?

Singrauli. The bodies of a loving couple were found hanging from a tree in the district. Suspicion of murder or suicide is being raised regarding these dead bodies. The villagers are saying that it is a murder, whereas at the scene both were found hanging. Due to this, doubts remain about the case. The police have removed the bodies from the tree and sent them for post-mortem, which will clarify whether it was murder or suicide.

bodies found like this

Actually, two dead bodies were found this morning in Bargawan police station area of ​​Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh. Who are being described as a couple of lovers. These bodies were found hanging from a tree. But the thing to be noted in this case is that both of their feet were touching the ground. There are injury marks on both the bodies. It appears that they did not commit suicide but instead murdered both of them and hanged their bodies from a tree.

What do the villagers say?

The villagers say that there was a deep love between the two. They cannot commit suicide. On Saturday night, both of them had left their house to work as labourers. Both of them had left the house at night to mold the roof. After this he did not return to his home. The next morning the villagers found their bodies hanging from a tree. There are also whispers among the villagers that someone jealous of these two has killed them. However, this will be revealed only after post-mortem.

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