Air pollution: Transporters breathe a sigh of relief as Group 4 restrictions are lifted


Air pollution: Transporters breathe a sigh of relief as Group 4 restrictions are lifted

Bahadurgarh. A truck drives from Tikri border to Delhi.

Bahadurgarh. A truck drives from Tikri border to Delhi. news. Bahadurgarh. As Delhi’s air quality improved from the ‘severe’ to ‘very poor’ category, the Air Quality Management Commission lifted restrictions for Phase 4 of GREP. With this, the transporters breathed a sigh of relief and hundreds of trucks and heavy vehicles, which had been parked on the Bahadurgarh bypass for the past few days, moved towards their destination. However, the restrictions of the first, second and third phases of the lockdown still apply.

We would like to inform you that in view of the increasing pollution in Delhi-NCR, the fourth phase of the Phased Action Plan of CAQM was implemented on November 5, 2023. However, the order issued on Saturday announced its immediate revocation. Following this order, the ban on entry of trucks and commercial four-wheelers has been lifted with the commencement of construction work on public projects in Delhi-NCR. Although the fourth phase of GRP has been neutralized, its first, second and third phases will continue to be applicable in Delhi-NCR. Many restrictions remain. In the first phase of GREP: regular water sprinkling of roads, installation of anti-smog guns at construction sites, mandatory covering of construction materials, deployment of traffic police during traffic jams, ban on the operation of generators, ban on outdoor waste burning, compliance with PUC rules . It is important to strictly adhere to these. In the second phase of GREP, apart from emergency services, there are also provisions to ban diesel generators, stop the use of wood and coal in the tandoors of hotels and dhabas, increase parking fees and operate additional buses. While there will be a ban on non-essential construction in the third phase, closure of brick kilns, hot mix plants and stone crushers as well as mining-related activities will remain closed. There will be a ban on construction and demolition work, except for essential government projects. There will be a ban on BS-3 petrol and BS-4 diesel vehicles. There will be a ban on diesel generators.

In fact, the first stage of GREP is applicable when the air quality index is 201-300, which is poor. The second stage is implemented when the AQI is very poor, i.e. 301-400. The third level is severe, that is, applicable when the AQI is between 401 and 450. However, the fourth phase is implemented if the AQI is more than 450. Environmental pollution has increased due to adverse meteorological conditions. Since the wind has stopped and the temperature is low. In such a situation, there is no spread of pollutants in the environment. Dust and smoke mix in the air and form smog. Due to this, people find it difficult to breathe.

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