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Transfer of DCD worker who got job in the name of DM, questions raised due to lack of fair investigation

North DM Office.

North DM Office.

Published the news of Delhi Civil Defense personnel who got job in the name of DM in the District Magistrate (DM) office of Northern District under the Revenue Department of Delhi Government. The DM administration, which came into action after this, has transferred the DCD worker. DM had said to take action after investigation. According to an order issued by the North District, the said worker has been transferred from SDM to DDM.

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Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the game of corruption is going on in the North District DM office in News2News.in, two to two and a half lakh rupees were being demanded in the name of DM to get a job. According to the information received from the sources, complaints of corruption were coming in the DM office here for the last several months and the game of corruption is not taking the name of stopping. As soon as the information about corruption reached the notice of the DM administration through the media, action would have been taken. Action has been taken against three personnel during the last three months and recently fourth action has been taken after the audio of corruption in the name of DM.

Investigation was not done in a fair manner – Sources

At the same time, the sources are raising questions due to the lack of fair investigation. It is said that this action taken by the DM administration is nominal whereas he was doing big corruption in the name of DM. Sources also reveal that the names of many people have been spoken in the audio. If the investigation is done in an unbiased manner, then many more faces can come out behind this, because in the audio it is said that the money will be divided into four parts.

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