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Corruption in MCD, Mayor gave instructions for investigation on Chief Assessor and Collector

Delhi MCD.

Delhi MCD.

MCD: Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi has ordered the removal of the Chief Assessor and Collector of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and a vigilance inquiry due to corruption. The mayor said that Chief Assessor and Collector Kunal Kashyap has been accused of giving undue favors to influential people and causing a loss of about Rs 4 crore to the MCD. If only one influential person can escape the tax of Rs 4 crore, then due to other such cases the MCD would have suffered a huge loss of thousands of crores.

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The mayor said that in line with the zero-tolerance policy of CM Arvind Kejriwal, he is determined to root out corruption in the MCD and win back the trust of the people. He said that there is no place for corruption in the new AAP regime of the corporation. Kunal Kashyap had deliberately delayed the handling of a tax evasion case to protect an influential institution.

The mayor directed the corporator to remove the guilty officer and appoint another officer. The Mayor said that in a complaint it was learned that the Mayor’s office received a complaint regarding a very influential person’s property at Sector-9, Ram Krishna Puram, New Delhi. After which these steps were taken.

The mayor said that if these matters had been dealt with honestly in the previous governments, the MCD might have been in profit. He said that MCD is struggling financially. He has no money to do public welfare work. On the other hand, such officers are waiving house tax in huge amounts by taking bribe. Such officers should know that now the regime has changed in MCD.

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