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Mahendragarh: Video of NAPA Chairman’s stuck car went viral, local residents pulled him out

People in the city push NAPA Chairman Ramesh Saini out of the car.

People in the city push NAPA Chairman Ramesh Saini out of the car.

Mahendragarh: The video of community leader Ramesh Saini’s car sinking into a pit made headlines in the city. The video is continuously shared on social media by the city’s residents and people react differently to it.

Community leader Ramesh Saini drove home in his car. Then his car got stuck in a deep pit near the home of BJP President Urban Mandal and former City Council member Kuldeep Sharma in Lala Wala Kuan Mohalla in the city’s number six district. The chairman and the driver tried to get the vehicle out but could not get out. After that, Chairman Ramesh Saini got out of the car and went home. It is reported that someone in the village has laid a water pipe. Because water had formed on the road after the rain, the driver could not see the pothole and the front tire of the car got stuck in the pothole.

After about half an hour, people got the car out

After the car went down, the driver continued to try to bring the car to its level, but he did not succeed. After some time, BJP President Urban Mandal and former councilor Kuldeep Sharma saw the car parked in front of the house in Lala Wala Kuan Mohalla in the city’s sixth ward. He reached the spot and got information from the driver. The chairman of the city council called the people around him and pushed the car out of the pit. It took about half an hour to get the car out.

The video went viral

After seeing the viral video, people in the city react differently. It is said that after the founding of the municipality not a single development activity in the city started. City people face the problem of broken roads and waterlogging every day, but the city government does not take people’s problems seriously. The chairman also recognized the city’s problem. Maybe some work will start in the city now.

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