Pauni Pasari scheme succumbed to corruption: construction work incomplete even after years, CMO avoiding giving assurance


Pauni Pasari scheme succumbed to corruption: construction work incomplete even after years, CMO avoiding giving assurance

Ghanshyam Soni-Balrampur. In Nagar Panchayat Rajpur of Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh, Pauni Pasari Yojana was started by spending an amount of Rs 26 lakh for seating vegetable traders. But Pauni Pasari standing on the foundation of corruption is deserted. No vegetable seller is ready to sit here, not only this, even after years, the auction of the shops built by spending 29 lakhs for the shopkeepers could not be done till date. Along with this, the locks hanging in the toilets are enough to open the secrets of the Nagar Panchayat. Read the corruption of government schemes…

In fact, the Chhattisgarh government started the Pauni Pasari scheme by spending 26 lakhs to provide seating for the traders selling vegetables daily in Nagar Panchayat areas. The plan was good but the selection of the place where Pauni Pasari was made in Nagar Panchayat Rajpur was wrong. Not only this, due to corruption in the construction work, cracks have started appearing in the floor even before its use, due to which it would be dishonest to talk about the quality. Vegetable traders believe that the shed and platform of Pauni Pasari had to be made a little bigger, so that all the traders could sit here comfortably.

The construction work is also incomplete and the toilet remains a show piece.

The problem of negligence does not end here… In the Nagar Panchayat area, where vegetable market is held daily, under the 2016 action plan, government shops were constructed by spending about 29 lakhs. But despite the passage of time, that shop has not been auctioned till date, because the construction is also half-incomplete. Instead of 24 shops, only 12 shops have been built, they are also of poor quality… Vegetable traders say that we are selling vegetables in the sun, since years the shops are locked. It should be distributed soon. Not only this, the toilet built here has become a show piece because, the locks are hanging in it and the vegetable buyers and sellers are forced to go to the nearby ponds and bushes for defecation.

Assurance to auction the shop within a week

On the other hand, the CMO of Nagar Panchayat is shrugging off the responsibility and saying that we have made Pauni Pasari. Vegetable vendors are not ready to sit there. He argued that the work of the toilet was not completed, whereas this toilet has been completed. The CMO has assured to auction the shops which are now dilapidated in the hope of auction for years.

Pauni Pasari is one of the important schemes of the government. But its becoming a showpiece in Rajpur Nagar Panchayat gives rise to many questions. Along with this, the locks hanging in the government shops here are enough to tell how ready the officers and employees here are for the government work.

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