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Maharastra: Mumbai received threat of terror, message came through Twitter

The Mumbai Police received a threatening message on 22 May i.e. Monday at around 11 am. An unknown person made a threatening post on Twitter. In this he wrote that very soon I am going to do a big blast in Mumbai. Mumbai Police has shared this information today. Soon after receiving the message, the Mumbai Police swung into action and started checking the account of the person concerned. They have identified the person and he has been taken into custody for questioning. Also, they have started further investigation of the matter.

Threatening calls came earlier also

According to media reports, earlier on Sunday night also the Mumbai Police had received a call from a suspicious person, in which he informed that he was receiving threat calls, in which he was being informed about the 26/11 Mumbai attack. With this, the suspect was identified by the police and they told that his mental condition is not good. He lives with his mother in Dubai.

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Earlier, on January 11, 2023, the Dhirubhai Ambani School in Mumbai was also threatened with a bomb threat. In it, the suspect made a phone call to the school’s landline number and said that he had planted a time bomb inside the school, after which he disconnected the call. After this the information was given to the police. After getting the information, there was a stir in the police-administration. Acting swiftly, the police along with the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDT) entered the school premises and conducted a thorough investigation. After the search operation the school premises was declared safe as they did not find any time bomb or any other suspicious object there. At the same time, the police traced the number of the accused who made this call and nabbed him.

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