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Conversion boils again in Bastar: Villagers said – will not allow land to bury those who convert after death

Conversion boils again in Bastar

Conversion boils again in Bastar

Jivanand Haldar / Jagdalpur. In Chhattisgarh’s Bastar, once again protests are being held regarding religious conversion. Tokapal and Lohandiguda areas of Jagdalpur district are once again witnessing a boil over religious conversions. After passing the decision in the gram sabha, hundreds of villagers have reached the collectorate to hand over the memorandum of 17 points to the collector.

Those who propagate religion will be punished

In fact, Patel, Gaita, Pujari, Perma, Kotwars and a large number of villagers were present in the special gram sabha held at Baraarapur in Tokapal block. Expressing displeasure over the conversions being done by the people of the Christian community in the special Gram Sabha, a resolution has been passed that if the followers of this religion die, then land will be allotted for burial in the entire area. Will not be given. Along with this, the Gram Sabha also has the right to punish those who come to propagate religion. In such a situation, if a law and order situation arises, then the people of the area should not be held responsible for it.Watch the video-

Conversion was opposed many times before

On the basis of the points passed by the villagers in the special gram sabha, the administrative officers are talking about taking a decision as per the status quo after going through the legal provisions. It is notable that even before this, the situation has worsened many times in Tokapal and Lohandiguda areas due to conversion. In such a situation, now it will be a challenge for the administration that in the coming days, if the villagers are agitated about this issue, then how to control the situation.

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