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CM Baghel’s attack on Jhiram incident: Said- Why did BJP save Naxalite Ramanna and Ganapati, if our government comes to the center, everything will become milk of milk and water of water

Jagdalpur. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is on Bastar tour on Thursday. He has come to Bastar to attend the tribute meeting organized on the tenth anniversary of the Jhiram attack. CM Baghel today reached Jheeram Memorial of Divisional Headquarters Jagdalpur and paid tribute to the leaders and soldiers killed in the Naxal incident. Also met his family members. During this, the Chief Minister has given a big statement while addressing the meeting. He has made serious allegations against the Central Government for deleting the names of dreaded Naxalites from the FIR in the Jheeram case. CM Mr. Baghel said that the Bharatiya Janata Party very lightly alleges that when will they give the information Bhupesh Baghel has regarding the Jhiram attack. The subject is very serious, but the light way in which BJP is questioning it is unfortunate.

Wide conspiracy done in FIR

Referring to the incident, the Chief Minister said that the entire country was shaken by the Jhiram attack. It was the first time in the history of world politics that the massacre of such big politicians took place simultaneously. At that time, the then UPA government had set up an investigation by the NIA. At the same time, the state government constituted a one-member commission under the chairmanship of Justice Prashant Mishra. The NIA investigation started and the FIR that was lodged at that time revealed a widespread conspiracy. Till August 2014, the names of Naxalite Ramanna and Ganapathy were mentioned in that FIR. In this, there was an order to attach his property. Some property was also attached, the rest was released. Mr. Baghel said that when the NIA submitted its preliminary report to the court in September 2014, surprisingly the names of Ramanna and Ganapathy did not figure in it. Their names were also not included in the final report.

Why did the Modi government save Ramanna and Ganapathy?

Raising the question in a strong tone, the Chief Minister said, why did the BJP’s Modi government save Ramanna and Ganapathy? Why were they not questioned? If the name of a criminal is registered in the FIR, then it does not get removed. BJP should tell why the name was removed and why does it want to save them? The report of the commission constituted for investigation was given directly to the Governor instead of being given to the State Government. After this, the Congress also constituted an inquiry commission. To stop this, Dharamlal Kaushik imposed a stay. They are obstructing the investigation. This is the same Dharamlal Kaushik who has taken a stay even in the Naan scam. Dr. Raman Singh’s special Dharamlal goes to take a stay in every case. We form SIT for investigation then NIA takes stay.

BJP is obstructing the investigation

CM Bhupesh Baghel said that the investigation was going on on a wider conspiracy, as soon as the UPA government was removed and the NDA government came, Modi became the Prime Minister, then considering it as an incident of the Dandakaranya Committee, the investigation was ended. He said, BJP is creating hurdles in the investigation. The investigation is not progressing and we are not being allowed to investigate. After all, at whose behest the NIA officials removed the names of Ganapathy and Ramanna, BJP should answer this. The day our government will be formed at the center, that day all milk will turn into milk and water into water.

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