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Bihar: Boat filled with 40 people capsized in Gandak river in Bagaha, one dead

Boat overturned in Gandak river of Bagaha.

Boat overturned in Gandak river of Bagaha.

Boat Capsize in the River:A boat accident took place at Godiyapatti Ghat in Bagaha in West Champaran district of Bihar. One died in this accident. According to the information, this accident happened at Godiyapatti Ghat. There were about 40 people in the boat, out of which 39 people were saved. A woman died in this, who could not be saved. this incident Happened on Saturday.

Please inform that they were going to cross the river from Godiyapatti Ghat in Bagaha town of West Champaran to get fodder for their animals. During this, the boat overturned and 40 people drowned in the river. Immediately after this, a rescue operation was launched to get people out of the river. In this, 39 people were safely evacuated, but a woman had gone missing. After some time the body of the woman was found. The deceased has been identified as Lalmati Devi wife Rajkumar.

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Boat overturned due to overload and strong wind

Regarding this incident, SI Rakesh Kumar of Bagaha police station informed that all the people were going on the river by boat to buy fodder for the animals, suddenly the boat started wobbling due to strong wind. Seeing this, people started jumping into the river, due to which the balance of the boat deteriorated and the boat overturned.

Giving further information in this regard, the police said that all the people are residents of Bagaha and surrounding areas. All these people were going to Diara to buy fodder for the animals. Police told that this accident happened during this time. In which one woman died and the remaining 39 people are safe.

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