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Epilepsy: Epilepsy will increase the risk of death, know the symptoms of this serious disease and how to prevent

There is a danger of death from epilepsy.

There is a danger of death from epilepsy.

Know Everything About Epilepsy: If we look at the cases of Epilepsy around the world, about 50 million people are suffering from epilepsy. Of these, about 1.2 crore people are Indians. Let us tell you that many myths about epilepsy are famous in India. Many people see epilepsy not as a disease but as a hindrance of evil spirits. But, in reality it is a kind of disease related to the brain. In medical science, this disease is also called neurological disorder. According to a recent study on epileptic seizures, people who have epilepsy are at a higher risk of dying at a young age. This study was done by the American Academy of Neurology. This study of 20,095 epilepsy patients revealed that the risk of death was even higher in young people. The researchers said the increased risk also depended on where they lived, the number of medications they took and what other diseases they might have.

patient may die due to epilepsy

However, Seo-Young Lee, MD, PhD, of Kangwon National University in Chuncheon, South Korea, the author of the paper, said that in the study we found that the risk of death is increased even in people who do not have any other disease and they do not have any other disease. Taking only one medicine to control epileptic seizures. Explain that people with epilepsy who did not have any other disease had a 161 percent higher risk of death than normal people. Here the question arises as to what causes the epileptic attack. Explain that epileptic seizures often occur unexpectedly and without reason. But, sometimes it can also occur due to brain tumor, stroke, brain wound or injury, autoimmune disease. Seizures are not confirmed until a person has had more than one or two seizures.

epileptic seizure symptoms

– temporary fainting

– Muscle twitching and uncontrollable working.

– Temporarily confusion, retardation of thinking power.

– change in feelings

– Numbness

Difficulty speaking or understanding

– Increased heart rate and breathing rate.

Feeling of fear, anxiety or dread.

Change in movement of hands and feet.

how to treat epilepsy

Explain that epilepsy cannot be controlled. This attack can happen to a person anytime and anywhere, but it can be treated with medicines. Apart from this, you must take some precautions.

Enough Sleep : Along with treatment, a person needs to make lifestyle changes. Getting enough sleep reduces the chances of having an epileptic fit. Daily exercise keeps a person physically healthy and reduces stress.

Balance Diet: A balanced diet is very important to prevent epilepsy. One should keep his weight under control and drink enough water. Stay away from alcohol and other illegal substances.

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