How To Choose Lipstick: Choose lipstick shades according to skin tone, see which color is perfect for you


How To Choose Lipstick: Choose lipstick shades according to skin tone, see which color is perfect for you

Choose lipstick shades according to skin tone.

Choose lipstick shades according to skin tone.

Perfect Lipstick Based On Your Skin Tone:Women often face the problem of choosing the right shade while buying lipstick. Whenever she goes to buy lipstick in the market, seeing a lot of shades, she gets confused as to which lipstick will suit her face. In this confusion, many times women buy such a shade, which does not suit their face at all. Many times, after applying some shade of lipstick on the lips, the face starts to look dull or the complexion looks dark. You have these problems due to lack of proper knowledge of your own skin tone. Please tell that it is not necessary that every color of lipstick suits every person. For this you need to pay attention to the skin complexion. If you also face the same problem while buying lipstick, then today’s article is for you. We will tell you how to choose the right lipstick shade according to the skin.

Choose the right shade of lipstick according to your skin tone:

Skin tone should be kept in mind while choosing a lipstick shade. In this case, different lipstick shades are chosen according to different complexions.

– fair skinned women

If your complexion is fair, then most of the shades of lipstick will prove to be right for you. Light pink, wine red, light purple, coral, peach, nude pink and cherry red lipsticks will bloom on fair complexioned women. Keep in mind that fair women should avoid lipsticks with dark pink, blood red and too much shimmer or glossy look.

– wheatish women

If your complexion comes in wheat i.e. neither dark nor fair, then you should avoid nude shades of lipsticks. Such shades will fade the tone of your face. Shades of brown suit women of this complexion. Apart from this, if you want, you can also choose dark pink, blood red, bronze, ripe orange, cinnamon color lipsticks. Keep in mind that you should avoid using maroon, orange and dark coffee colors.

– Dark and dark skinned women

If your color is dusky or dark, then you should try lipstick shades of brick red, brownish red, caramel color, coffee and burgundy color. You should choose shades of matte lipstick, avoid glossy. Glossy colors make your complexion darker. On the other hand, if your color is darker, then you can choose brown, red, purple lipsticks for yourself. Apart from this, pastel shades like light purple, light light pink, lavender and ivory colors can also be used.

  • Keep in mind that while choosing lipstick, also see the color of the teeth.

If your teeth are bright and pearly white, then you can choose red lipstick. If you have discolored teeth, you should avoid dark colors. Apart from this, lipstick also helps in increasing the thickness of the lips. Use deep and shimmery shades for plump looking lips. Matte finish is a great option for thin looking lips.

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