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The tweet war of Shivraj’s son Kartikeya and Congress is not stopping, know who said what now…..

Bhopal : We all know how active Kartikeya, son of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is in politics. Along with this, how much he loves his family, this is also not hidden from anyone. Recently, after the Congress taunted his father, his son Kartikeya not only gave a befitting reply to the Congress but also gave advice. Let us inform that the year of marriage of CM Shivraj and his wife Sadhna Singh Chauhan had fallen in the past. The Congress had taunted the CM over whose photo. In response to which Kartikeya gave a befitting reply to Congress and wrote that Congress does not understand the purity and love of relationships and sees politics in everything.

Congress called Kartikeya the crown prince

The same tweet of Kartikeya was retaliated by the Madhya Pradesh Congress. MP Congress had addressed CM Shivraj’s son Kartikeya as Yuvraj. Along with this, while asking them questions, it was said that why they do not see the pain of those daughters and sisters, whose homes are in turmoil due to inflation. It has also been said that when he was studying in America, the children of farmers were being gunned down in Mandsaur.

Kartikeya advised Congress

After which Kartikeya Singh Chauhan has given important advice while replying to the Congress. Kartikeya Singh Chauhan has written sarcastically in his tweet that the word Yuvraj is not new to the Congress. There are many princes and princes in your party. In such a situation, the Congress has a habit of speaking of Yuvraj.

Kartikeya advised Congress to find important issues

Along with this, Kartikeya also said that the BJP is teaching the Congress party to respect women, although it is not possible for the Congress because respect for women is not in their DNA. Kartikeya has also done the work of besieging the Congress on the Sikh genocide. Along with this, he has advised Congress that instead of wasting their time in this election, try to contest elections and instead of finding family for politics, Congress should find important issues.

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