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Family gathered in search of missing brother from Bageshwardham, relatives said – do not trust Baba

Bhopal : Most of the people come to the Bageshwardham government to get a solution to their problems. It is said that Baba has such divine powers. Due to which Bageshwardham Sarkar alias Pandit Dhirendra Shastri solves the problems of the people. Due to which most of the devotees are busy in the court of Bageshwardham government. One such person had reached Bageshwardham located in Chhatarpur from Bihar to get solution of his problems. After which the youth is missing.

Relatives searching for missing brother for three months

This is not the first time. When a person has gone missing from Bageshwardham. According to the information received, the name of the missing youth is Lalan Kumar. Who is a resident of village Baghauni district Darbhanga Bihar. According to the information received, Lalit had reached Bageshwardham in February. After which he is missing. For whom the family members have been searching for the last three months. Not only this, the family members are searching from station to station by taking the photo of the missing teacher. Since the disappearance of the teacher, the family members are in a bad condition.

Don’t trust Baba and Darbar, everything is useless

Not only this, when the relatives did not get success, then they have announced to give one lakh rupees to those who tell the address of the missing teacher. Not only this, the brother of the missing youth has made serious allegations against Baba while talking to the media. Laxman Kumar, brother of the missing teacher, said that he had no faith in Baba and his divine court. My brother came here with Aastha to get rid of his problems. But the opposite happened, now the brother has disappeared from here and the whole family is upset. The young man said that now he has no faith in Baba and his court. It is all pretense and pomp. If there is even an iota of truth in Baba and him, then just find out my brother who has disappeared from his court.

Announced a reward of 1 lakh

Along with this, Laxman Kumar, brother of the missing teacher told that I am a software engineer. There is a package of 12 lakhs. I earn one lakh a month. But now leaving the job, for the last three months I am wandering from one station to another in search of my brother. Even I have filed a report with a police. Can’t find any clue from there too. That’s why we have announced a reward of 1 lakh so that my brother is found as soon as possible.

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