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mp politcs news: Digvijay Singh said of Bajrang Dal – corrupt, dishonest organization, raised questions on the proceedings of the Election Commission

mp politics news Dewas. Congress leader Digvijay Singh has targeted the Prime Minister and Bajrang Dal, saying that he has compared “a corrupt, dishonest organization like Bajrang Dal with Bajrang Bali”. This statement has hurt our soul and our religion. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have to apologize for this.

no vote in the name of religion

Digvijay said that the Model Code of Conduct is followed in the elections, followed by the Election Commission and along with the People’s Representation Act. In which no one will ask for votes in the name of religion. He said that the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about pressing the button by saying ‘Bajrangbali ki Jai’. Due to which the violation of the People’s Representation Act is understood and legal action should be taken against them.

Commission had sent notice to Sonia Gandhi

On the credibility of the Election Commission, Digvijay Singh said that we have to put a question mark. He said that the Election Commission had sent a notice to Sonia Gandhi, while she only talked about competition, but the Commission did not send any notice to the Prime Minister. Digvijay Singh has said this during the press conference.

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