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mp politics: youth leader shivam shukla left congress and joined bjp, expressed anguish

Bhopal.In the politics of Madhya Pradesh, the uproar continues with the coming of the assembly elections. During this, leaders are joining from one party to another. In this episode, the youth leader Shivam Shukla (shivam shukla), who was now a spokesperson in the Congress, has now joined the BJP.

State President VD Sharma got him the membership of the party at the BJP state office. About a month back, the Congress had given Shivam the responsibility of the divisional spokesperson. After parting ways with the Congress, Shivam has accused former minister and current MLA Kamleshwar Patel of nepotism, directly targeting him.

He said that the responsibility of media coordinator was given there. Due to personal jealousy, Patel used to stop him before even going to the venue.

BJP office reached by private vehicle

It is being told that before joining the BJP, Shivam entered the BJP office in a private vehicle with a mask on his face. Party’s State Vice President Kantadev Singh took him directly to meet VD Sharma. Thereafter, after a formal meeting with other party leaders, Shivam joined the BJP.

During this, the leaders congratulated the young leader Shukla. After this, talking to the media, Shukla directly accused Kamleshwar Patel of not giving him a chance. Shivam said that there was pain in my mind that if I could not welcome our leaders in my home area then there was no point in being in Congress. Where workers are not given respect.

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