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MP Police has Australian ‘Pegasus’ – after 9 months of training, it infiltrates Naxalite movement areas, a horse equal to 10 jawans to remove the crowd

Bhopal – Pegasus was very famous in the country for the espionage case. Madhya Pradesh also has Australian Pegasus. This Pegases is not a spy, but helps the police in Naxalite movement areas. It works to remove riots or mobs in its territory. Actually, there is a horse of Australian breed in the cavalry squad of MP Police. Which is known as Pegases. The special thing is that in Naxal areas, the capacity of a horse is equal to that of 10 jawans.

Trainers say that horses have to undergo 9 months of training to join the Equestrian Squad. Special care is taken for sand bath, food and health of these horses. Health check up is also done every week. Training is also given not to be distracted by loud noises and noises. They follow the instructions of their riders. These horses are inducted into the police cavalry squad at the age of three to five years. After this they give their services for 12 to 15 years. These horses are retired after the age of 20 years. Even after retirement, they are kept in the stable and they are looked after. On death, they are duly cremated.

overcome the shortage of police force

– Cavalry squad plays an important role in controlling the crowd in riot affected areas and large processions etc. It makes up for the shortage of police force. One horse is capable of controlling a crowd equal to 10 policemen. These horses are also able to move quickly from one place to another. Also, they are easily accessible even in remote areas. Equestrian Squad is an important part of Madhya Pradesh Police because of its specialty.

Horses of three special breeds of police

Madhya Pradesh Police has Australian, Half Breed, Kathiawadi breed horses. These are special breeds of horses. Pegasus, an Australian breed horse serving in the Bhopal-based Seventh Battalion, commands the parade during Republic Day and Independence Day as well as special events. Pegasus attracts everyone’s attention with his moves.

Training is done only in Indore

In Madhya Pradesh, the headquarters of the cavalry squad is Rustom Ji Armed Police Training College, Indore. Horses are sent to different battalions and district police after training from here. In Madhya Pradesh, 1st Battalion Indore, 2nd Battalion Gwalior, 7th Battalion Bhopal, 6th Battalion Jabalpur, District Police Ujjain, District Police, Khargone and District Police, Jhabua as well as cavalry teams are deployed under the Governor’s security.

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