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Up News: The morale of illegal mining mafia in UP is high, digging continues despite action, 93 people arrested

Action on illegal mining continues.

Action on illegal mining continues.

Up News: Even after taking action against the illegal mining mafia in UP, they are not taking the name of stopping. The latest case has come to light from Agra and Etawah, where FIRs have been registered against more than 150 mining mafias. At the same time, 93 people have been arrested. Continuous action is being taken by the Directorate on illegal mining.

On this matter, Director of Mining Dr. Roshan Jacob said on Sunday that after investigation in Agra and Etawah, from August 2022 to February 2023, FIR has been registered against 147 people under the Mining Act and other sections of the IPC. Along with this, charges have been registered in three cases under the Gangster Act. Along with this, the director of mining said that 25,982 vehicles have been checked near the automatic gate, in which a fine of Rs 1.33 crore has also been collected by issuing notices against 1642 vehicles.

There was chaos due to the action of the director of mining

Along with this, in Hamirpur and Jalaun of Bundelkhand, the investigation team also investigated the mining in 22 mining leases. Along with this, investigation was also done in Hamirpur. Illegal mining of sub mineral sand, moram has been found. On this matter, the DM has directed that action should be taken as soon as possible on the illegal recovery of mining.

According to media reports, if illegal mining is confirmed, the lease holders may have to pay a fine of 8 to 10 crores. In Hamirpur, 1444 illegal vehicles have been caught till February in the year 2022-23.

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