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Kamal Nath reached Delhi with this MLA, may get a big responsibility

Congress MLA Sanjay Shukla:Kamal Nath is kind to Indore MLA Sanjay Shukla !, may get big responsibility State Congress is engaged in its mobilization before the assembly elections to be held in Madhya Pradesh. The round of appointments is going on in the state. Meanwhile, a big news has come to the fore. Actually, Kamal Nath had taken Indore MLA Sanjay Shukla with him to Delhi.

Actually, Kamal Nath had reached Indore on Thursday to attend a Congress leader’s program. After leaving the program, Kamal Nath left for Delhi with MLA Sanjay Shukla along with him. Due to this, speculations are going on in the political circles that Sanyaj Shukla may be entrusted with some big responsibility at the state level before the assembly elections. Although Sanjay Shukla says that he had gone to visit Kamakhya Devi.

Sources say that Kamal Nath had taken MLA Sanjay Shukla with him from the airport to Bhopal. While Sanjay Shukla had come to drop Kamal Nath at the airport. Both Kamal Nath and Shukla reached Guwahati from Indore where they reached Delhi after visiting Kamakhya Devi. Now without any fixed program, Shukla’s going with Kamal Nath, that too Delhi, is indicating many things.

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