BHOPAL NEWS: Tulsi Sahitya Academy releases “Shri Krishnalilamritam epic”, written by Harishankar Dubey.


BHOPAL NEWS: Tulsi Sahitya Academy releases “Shri Krishnalilamritam epic”, written by Harishankar Dubey.

BHOPAL NEWS:Bhopal. Inauguration of “Shri Krishnaleela Mritam Mahakavya” composed by Pandit Harishankar Dubey, centered on the sublime character of Vasudev Lord Shri Krishna, under Srijan Series 36, organized by Tulsi Sahitya Academi in the capital. to be done.

Pandit Harishankar Dubey, describing the circumstances of the creation of the work, recited the verses of Shrikrishnalilamritam, listening to which the present community became emotional. Eminent critic Gokul Soni, while presenting the review of Shrikrishnalilamritam, said that by writing this book on the life of Lord Shri Krishna, Harishankar Dubey has filled a huge gap in the literary field. It will prove useful for the new generation. Enlightened litterateur Suresh Patwa, keeping the view, said that Krishna is the representative male character of Indian poetry. Krishna is the symbol of complete poetry. If his character is removed from the epic Mahabharata, then the very structure of the epic will collapse. Harishankar Dubey has done a great job by writing a poem in verse on such a great character. In his address, Narendra Tiwari praised Dubey’s creation while highlighting the sublime character of Shri Krishna.

character is not easy to understand

Chief guest Dr. Kripa Shankar Tiwari, while congratulating for the creation of a meaningful and important epic like Shri Krishna Leelamritam, said that it is not easy to understand the character of Shri Krishna. While on one hand he is an immense source of love and mercy, he is affectionate towards devotees, a wise and generous person, on the other hand he is also an evil destroyer. In the principle of Karmayoga that Shri Krishna propounded to Arjuna in the field of Kurukshetra, two things emerge that on the one hand he gives the message of love on the sound of the flute and on the other hand he has a policy of killing people like Dronacharya, Karna and Avasthama. On the one hand, they try to prevent war between the Kauravas and Pandavas, and on the other hand, they instigate the disillusioned Arjun to fight in the battlefield.

The chairman of the program, Dr.Rajesh Tiwari, in his address threw light on the most important events of Shrikrishnalillamritam. On the one hand, he accepted the epithet of Ranchhod to stop the horrific massacre and wastage of public wealth in Mathura, while on the other hand, he not only guided Arjun in the Mahabharata war but also played the role of charioteer. When Bhishmapitamah started destroying the Pandava army in the war, then contrary to his promise, he took the wheel of the chariot and ran to attack Bhishma. In the second session, 15 poets recited their works.

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