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Haryana: Changes in weather throughout the day, rain and hail fell with the storm

A farmer shows hail.

A farmer shows hail.

Haryana: The weather changed a lot on Wednesday. As soon as people opened their eyes in the morning, the weather changed. The storm, which has lasted for two days at night, took the form of clouds and rain on Wednesday morning. In the middle of the drizzle that started in the morning, there was intermittent heavy rain. But before noon the weather changed again and the clouds cleared. After that, the sun god shone brightly in the sky and made the people feel the heat. There the weather changed again in the evening and there was rain and a hailstorm.

With the constant change of weather, people get relief from the heat they are exposed to. There was also a drop in temperature due to the bad weather that continued throughout the day. At around 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the weather suddenly changed. The rainy season began with the clouds in the sky. The weather became pleasant due to a light drizzle in most parts of the state. But in the afternoon, the sun god rained down fire and the people had to face the scorching heat. In the evening the weather changed again and heavy rain and hail storms combined with the storm brought some relief. Farmers have both losses and benefits from this rain as this rain damages some crops and benefits others. Forage, corn, sugarcane, and vegetable crops will benefit from this rain, while cotton, cucumber, and tomato crops will be harmed.

The humidity disturbed, sweat flowed

Due to the light rain, there was a slight drop in temperature, but people could not recover from the heat. All day long people were sweating because of the humidity. Life was disrupted by the increase in humidity after the rains. Due to the high humidity, there was a feeling of scorching heat. As a result, the temperature rose again in a short time. On Wednesday, the low was around 24 degrees Celsius, while the high reached 40 degrees Celsius.

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