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SP sir will get ‘Nijat’: Rape victim reached SP office… sought freedom from injustice, intimidation, fear and jail for mother

Sandeep Karihar-Bilaspur. A rape victim is forced to stumble door to door to get her mother out of jail. The victim had reached Bilaspur SP and IG office with a complaint. The victim says that, for not withdrawing the rape case, the family members of the accused conspired with the Ratanpur police station and sent the victim’s mother to jail by making false allegations. Now the rape victim is wandering to get her mother released from jail and get justice. He has hope of justice from Bilaspur SP who is running ‘Nijat’ campaign against crime and drugs.

In the complaint written in the name of Bilaspur SP, the victim has said that Ratanpur police station belongs to the area. Aftab Mohammad, the nephew of Jahan’s corporator, kept raping her for years. Everyday he used to do dirty work while fighting. Its complaint has been lodged in Ratanpur police station two months back. On which the Ratanpur police had sent the accused to jail while taking action against Aftab Mohammad. Meanwhile, the family members of the accused and the councilor’s uncle continued to pressurize them to withdraw the case. The victim says that they kept threatening to kill her. But one case was not withdrawn due to the hope of justice and did not get intimidated by their threats. Watch the video-

Allegations of police officer’s involvement in the conspiracy

The victim further alleged that after two months of the incident, the family members of the accused conspired with the in-charge of Ratanpur police station. According to the victim, there is neither father nor brother in her family. Me and my mother, we both support each other. We are very scared and have complained to the SP and IG office with the hope of justice.

SP gave assurance of investigation

Here, Bilaspur SP Santosh Kumar Singh told that a report has been lodged by the mother of a 12-year-old minor child in the police station against the rape victim’s mother, that the concerned accused woman has done homosexual dirty work. The minor innocent child is horrified by the incident of secret sexual abuse. Therefore, in view of the seriousness of the matter, the Ratanpur police have registered a case against the concerned woman under Section 377, Paxo Act and discussed it. Since the matter is related to the sexual exploitation of a minor, therefore every point is being investigated in this episode. At the same time, a complaint has also been received from the rape victim. This application will be discussed and appropriate action will be taken if found guilty.

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