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Temperature reached 45 degrees: Heat wave alert issued in many districts of the state from tomorrow, it may rain with strong winds

Raipur. The heat is likely to increase further in Chhattisgarh from Sunday. The Meteorological Department has issued a heat wave alert in many districts of the state including the capital Raipur and Nyadhani Bilaspur. On Friday, the temperature in the state reached close to 45 degrees. The highest temperature was recorded at 44.8 degree Celsius at both Tilda and Sakti.

The temperature of the capital Raipur was 42 degrees on Friday. The Meteorological Department said that the temperature may increase by 1 to 2 degrees. However, even today, there is a possibility of rain in many districts till evening.

Meteorological Department issued alert

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heat wave on May 21 in Bilaspur, Mungeli, Korba, Raigarh, Janjgir, Balodabazar, Durg and Raipur. Similarly, heat wave alert has been issued in Korba, Mungeli and Bilaspur districts on May 22.

There will be light rain in many places

In many districts including the capital Raipur, a sudden change in the weather was observed on Friday after the scorching heat. On Friday it was cloudy and the wind started blowing. After this it rained heavily. Though it rained for a short time, it drenched the people in no time.

Chance of rain in many districts

Even today the weather is similar. In the afternoon, there is a possibility of rain with thunder and lightning in many districts of the state. According to meteorologist HP Chandra, hot winds are coming from the north-west in North Chhattisgarh. Therefore, there is a possibility of increase in maximum temperature here. Whereas in South Chhattisgarh, there will be no significant change in temperature due to the arrival of moist air from the Bay of Bengal.

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