Police Action: Three crores seized in police investigation so far, no claimant has come forward


Police Action: Three crores seized in police investigation so far, no claimant has come forward



Raipur. As the assembly elections are approaching, the police have intensified investigation operations in different districts of the state besides the border districts of neighboring states. During the investigation operation, police have seized more than three crore rupees in cash and silver in Kawardha, Manendragarh, Raipur and Mahasamund districts. Along with giving information about the cash seizure to the Income Tax Department, the police has also handed over the cash to the Income Tax Department. According to Income Tax officials, no one has come forward to claim the amount seized in the last two months. Keeping this in mind, the Income Tax Department has started preparing to seize the seized amount considering it suspicious.

It is noteworthy that Kawardha police had seized Rs 1 crore 5 lakh from a car during vehicle checking in Chilfi on September 1. After this, Manendragarh police seized Rs 40 lakh in cash near Madhya Pradesh border. Also, Mahasamund police had recovered 74 kg silver near Sighoda. It has come to light that the people from whom the police had seized silver did not have any kind of business background. Raipur Police had also seized a note counting machine with cash worth Rs 69 lakh in Ganj police station area 15 days ago.

Fear of transferring money through Hawala

According to Income Tax officers, if the amount was fixed, someone would have come forward by now to claim the seized amount, but since no one has yet claimed the seized amount, Income Tax officers are linking it to Hawala. Income tax officials believe that black money is transported or spent from one place to another through Hawala, hence no one has claimed the seized amount till now.

Silver worth crores seized, case referred to GST

Four days ago, the Rajdhani Police had seized three and a half quintals of silver jewelery worth more than three and a half crore rupees from the possession of businessmen of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. When businessmen were asked to show valid documents, they were not able to present valid documents before the police. Police have now handed over the seized silver jewelery to GST. GST officers are investigating the seized silver jewellery.

Fear of large scale black money being spent in elections

Income tax officers along with the police fear that black money may be spent on a large scale in the upcoming assembly elections. For this, Income Tax Department officers have also been instructed to remain alert. Income tax officers are also keeping an eye on bank transactions. Income tax officers have been asked to collect information about black money coming from neighboring states. According to sources, the Income Tax Department may intensify its campaign to curb black money from October.

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